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Early Bird Promo Ending on 27th May 2021
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Step by Step guidance on how to forecast an answer for any life decision and concerns. It covers a wide range of 10 life aspects - wealth, career, relationship, health, etc.


Why you need this?

and why you need it now!

Aren’t you sick and tired of having little confidence to read your own forecast charts; and not being able to make sense of even the most basic concepts? So much so that you got to rely on others to give you direction in life, to strategise a plan for your life endeavours, to help you make better decisions?

What if you can be skilled in reading your own forecast, to now be in charge of your life, to gain insights to the current challenges and mitigate potential problems – with added help from the Universe? What if you can now be the one to help others with their readings, to analyse and guide them instead?

How often have you allowed self doubts to creep into your mind, telling you that Qimen is too difficult to master, that maybe you are not cut out to learn this ancient art, or that you are simply not intelligent enough?

If you want things to change, you have got to do things differently - to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Here at Draco Lin Academy, the Qimen Collectables Bundle is designed to allow you to get your basics right, to know exactly how to apply, to gain that expertise and confidence in forecasting for yourself and for others, whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or expert level. 

Take charge of your life and your learning today!

it's time to

own your Analysis now

What will you learn?

QIMEN Collectables is a holistic bundle comprising of QIMEN Essentials and QIMEN Divination Masterclass. It aims to build your foundation, to educate you in the most concise and easily understandable manner, in order for you to reach mastery in application of this ancient art.

You will learn:

  1. Fundamental and Advanced concepts and theories designed to fit your daily lives

  2. Step by step Guidance and Procedures on Chart reading with scenarios and chart examples

  3. Forecast and Transform your perspectives towards selecting the correct questions 

  4. Selecting and choosing the Correct Useful Gods for every real life situation

  5. Deep drive into 182 possible forecast scenarios on 10 life aspects – wealth, career, relationship, health, etc


Apply and Forecast for yourself & others


Explain your analysis confidently 


Understand how to apply this for any situation


I'm draco lin

Chinese Metaphysics Expert with

12+ Years of Professional Experience.

Draco Lin is known to be able to convert complicated Chinese Metaphysics concepts into simple, easy to understand and executable strategies for even the layman and beginners; as well as the ability to create links to make these olden classics relevant and applicable in this 21st Century. 

With a strong interest and affinity with Chinese Metaphysics, Draco first started his learning journey at an early age of 9. Since then, he has continuously pursued his passion and expertise in various fields of Chinese Metaphysics, ranging from I Ching, QiMenDunJia, Bazi, San Yuan/San He Fengshui to ZiWeiDouShu.

WHEN you join the qimen divination masterclass

now, you will get:

>> Unlimited Lifetime Access to both QIMEN Essentials & Divination Masterclass Course - Watch at your own time, learn at your own pace on any devices.

>> Invited to our Private Inner Circle - Created exclusively with coach calls, Q&A sessions, new content and many more. 

>> Each Episode comes with Handouts and an Assessment - Downloadable handouts; ensuring you stay current with the modules and a final assessment for course assurance. 

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Ern Chee.png

Ern Chee

Draco never fails to amaze me with the practical and wholistic way of integrating various systems and make the subject easy to understand and apply. Supports the class with zoom revision sessions to see our understanding and answer our questions


Andrea Chan

A learner-centric teacher, an application focused course and an engaging delivery. Best 3 ingredients for a course that not only educates, it educates with proven results. He always leaves me with greater insights, increased skills and knowledge and an intense desire to learn even more.

Kean Leong.png

Kean Leong

Very enlightening class! Theories clearly explained and demonstrated using examples. Draco’s sharing on how a professional reads the chart gives valuable insight to students, and the class is so fun!

THERE is no perfect time & nobody's responsibility to save us 

forecast and be your own hero 

the time to decide is now

If you don't change now, you will continue to be caught in a dilemma and unsure of which course of action to take to reach your desired outcome.

Why not be able to forecast unique situations, gain insights on events, investigate root causes, identify opportunities & potential pitfalls and most importantly, discover strategies to mitigate problems?

The EARLY BIRD PROMO will end on 27th May 2021. Kickstart your momentum and once you do, there's no slowing down. Hurry and click the button below, take action now and join Draco in the QIMEN Collectables Bundle Course TODAY. 

Enter DRACO10 at Checkout to enjoy 10% Discount! 


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