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Masters in International Business Administration (MBA)

Draco Lin Consultancy (Singapore)
Draco Lin Consultancy Enterprise (Malaysia)

Chinese Metaphysics Expert with

15+ Years of Professional Experience.

Aims to convert complicated Chinese Metaphysics concepts into simple, easy understand and executable strategies for even the layman and beginners; as well as the ability to create links to make these olden classics relevant and applicable in this 21st Century.


The Founder 


With a strong interest and affinity with Chinese Metaphysics, Draco first started his learning journey at an early age of 9. Since then, he has continuously pursued his passion and expertise in various fields of Chinese Metaphysics, ranging from I Ching, QiMenDunJia, Bazi, San Yuan/San He Fengshui to ZiWeiDouShu.

With a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) under his belt, Draco believes in life-long learning and seeks to upgrade himself with every opportunity. A man of humble beginnings, with a sincere heart of giving – Draco Lin.

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Skills & Proficiencies

Sometimes, all we need is a little hope, a little shift in mindsets, a little tweak in strategies; and this can make the greatest difference in our lives.

At Draco Lin Consultancy, Draco provides current and relevant consults that address all that his clients are seeking.

Not only does he help his clients gain clarity of mind and know what to expect in Destiny Coaching;

he also gives them insight on their current situation and helps them to strategise for many of their life decisions in QIMEN Success.

Many clients even see positive effects as early as 2 days after Feng Shui Fine-tuning. Life transformational? You bet.

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